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Hi, I’m looking for someone who completes me and… wait, I’m being told that this isn’t an online dating profile. And that I should keep it professional. And put on a shirt.

I’m Alphaville’s US editor. Born and raised in Tampa, university at Georgetown, and with the exception of a year spent backpacking abroad I’ve been in New York for the past decade. Before joining Alphaville I spent a little more than two years as a reporter at Dow Jones Financial News covering investment banking, asset management, and private equity. Along the way I’ve written freelance pieces on a variety of other topics from behavioural psychology to Muay Thai, the latter also being a personal interest that involves frequently getting kicked in the shins (and torso, and head). When my guard is down I’ll admit to having attended journalism school.

Prior to becoming a journalist, I was an analyst for three years at the JPMorgan Private Bank. I worked for a team that had clients in Mexico and the Southern Cone, and I ran an internal newsletter for other analysts at the bank, overseeing a small staff.

I tend to write mostly about US macroeconomic issues, with daily excursions into other topics. Find me also on Tumblr and as a recurring talking head on the Marketplace Weekly Wrap, NPR’s Here & Now, the Yahoo! Daily Ticker and a few other places.

Alphachat: Vox-pop from the #FTPubQuiz, Jack Dorsey’s return to Twitter, and Martin Wolf on secular stagnation

Your weekly instalment of Alphachat is now live:

 Read more

A wonky chat with Martin Wolf (plus the transcript)

Episode 2 of Alphachatterbox is a 90-minute conversation, split into two parts, with the FT’s chief economics commentator Martin Wolf.

We cover a lot of ground with Martin, who recently finished a new afterword (not yet published) to his 2014 book, The Shifts and the Shocks.  Read more

All of the questions (and answers!) from our New York #FTPubQuiz

We hosted our New York Pub Quiz on Wednesday night. Congrats to the winning team, Lower Expectations, who defended their title from last year’s event by answering 53 out of 70 questions correctly, eking out a win over the team Paul Volcker Rules, William Miller Drools by just a single answer.

We had a blast producing the event and were honoured to have been joined by former Fed chair Paul Volcker, who co-hosted the economics and history section of the quiz and even submitted a few questions of his own.

For more on the night’s activity, you can scroll down through the #FTPubQuiz hashtag on Twitter, and be sure to listen to the vox-pop segment of this week’s Alphachat, in which producer Aimee Keane asked attendees for their views on the Fed and the likelihood of a China crash.

First up are the questions alone (for those who want to test themselves), and halfway down begins the same set of questions with the answers provided.



Alphachat: Anne-Marie Slaughter on gender equality, invisible Xi, and Emily Parker on the Internet in Cuba

We’re thrilled to announce that today we are launching a new longform-only* podcast about economics and business — a kind of spinoff from Alphachat, which will continue to run weekly.

We received a lot of suggestions throughout the last two months of producing Alphachat consistently, but the two most common kinds of feedback were directly contradictory. On the one hand, a lot of people asked for more long-and-wonky chats like our hour-long conversation with Joe Stiglitz. On the other hand, many other listeners also wanted a slightly shorter Alphachat: an hour was too long for them. Read more

FT Alphachat podcast: Robert Shiller, Martin Wolf, and a tough week for biotech

Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher. We’d love your feedback and questions — especially those that we can play on the podcast — so feel free to call us at 917-551-5012 (a US number) or email us at For those who can’t dial a US line but would like a question played on the episode, you can also send us a voice recording via email. Read more

Alphachat podcast: Youtube stars, a terrible Republican debate, and the Fed holds (sorry)

A reminder that we’ll be interviewing Martin Wolf on Alphachat next week, and Martin will also answering listeners’ questions. If you’ve got one, feel free to call us at 917-551-5012 (a US number) or email us at For those who can’t dial a US line but would like their question played on the episode, you can also send us a voice recording via email. Read more

Join us for Macro Live, Yellen presser special edition

Well folks, this is either the moment we’ve been waiting for, or it’s the moment when we realise that we’ll have to wait a little more for the moment we’ve been waiting for. (I think that’s right.)

Matt Klein and I will be live-blogging today’s Yellen presser. We plan to start at 1:45pm EST (6:45pm in London) ahead of the statement and forecasts, which will be released at 2pm, and then cover the press conference when it starts at 2:30pm. You’ll find us at the usual placeRead more

Who’s got questions for Martin Wolf?

Next week we’ll be hosting an extended episode of Alphachat featuring Martin Wolf to discuss his book The Shifts and the Shocks, and Martin will also be taking listener questions.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask him about either the book or his columns — or anything at all related to economics and finance — you can call us at 917-551-5012 (US number) and let us know if we can play your call on the episode, or email us at Thanks!

UPDATE: REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED — We’re hosting another New York pub quiz and drinks!

UPDATE: Thanks to those of you who have tried to register. Unfortunately we are already over-capacity and won’t be able to accommodate everyone. We’re sorry! But thanks so much for your interest. If you’re coming across this post for the first time and want to be assured a spot next year, you can still let us know at Thanks again! [Update over.]

We’re excited to announce that our second annual Economics & Finance Pub Quiz will take place on the evening of Wednesday, October 7th in Manhattan from 6:30 to 9:30. Read more

Alphachat podcast: Joe Stiglitz on minimum wage, monetary policy, TPP and more

We recorded this podcast on Tuesday, August 18th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback you can email us at or call us at 917-551-5012. Read more

Alphachat: the Chinese economy, and the dodgy Flibanserin (fine, the “female Viagra”)

We recorded this podcast on Thursday, August 20th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback you can email us at or call us at 917-551-5012. And here are today’s two topics: Read more

Alphachat: the problems of indexed investing, “People’s QE”, and old media invests in new

Topic 1: John Authers on index providers
[01:18 - 21:16] Read more

Alphachat: reader Q&A, bank analyst destiny, Puerto Rican default and the Canadian elections

We recorded this podcast on Thursday, August 6th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback you can email us at or call us at 917-551-5012. And here are today’s topics: Read more

Alphachat: Nikkei buys the FT, Gillian Tett’s forthcoming new book, and an Alphavillain returns from Greece

This episode was recorded on Wednesday, 29 July. You can find Alphachat on iTunes and Stitcher. Thanks for listening! Read more

RRPs for life?

The timing of the Fed’s initial rate hike and the subsequent path of future hikes are prominent unknowns on the minds of market participants and commentators. But the question of mechanics — how the Fed will raise rates — also matters.

Our colleague Sam Fleming recently interviewed New York Fed president Bill Dudley and asked him about the possibility of the Fed’s maintaining a larger balance sheet indefinitely in conjunction with the use of its reverse repo facility. His answer suggested that the central bank remained undecided: Read more

Alphachat: The Fifa scandal, a big week for tech, and Gawker

This podcast was taped on Wednesday, 22 July. We plan to continue tinkering with Alphachat’s format, content and length of time for the rest of the summer. If you have feedback, good or bad, you can leave a comment below, email us at, call us at 917-551-5012, or just tweet me at @cardiffgarcia. You can find Alphachat on iTunes and Stitcher. Thanks for listening! Read more

Alphachat: the artisanal economy, Treasury flash crash (still not) explained, campaign Twitter spats

Some quick news first. The honchos who run this joint have given us the resources to produce Alphachats more frequently and regularly, and we plan to spend the rest of the summer tinkering with different ideas for content and length. But we’d also really like to know what you want to hear.

You have a few options: leave ideas in the comments section below, email us at alphachat [at] ft [dot] com, call us at 917-551-5012 (a US phone number), or tweet at me directly at @cardiffgarcia. You can find Alphachat on iTunes and StitcherRead more

Camp Alphaville bonus impromptu iPhone video: Lorcan v Lars on Greece and the euro

Should Greece want to leave the euro? Lorcan Roche Kelly and Lars Christensen debate a recent post over at Lars’s blog. A fun and vigorous debate but some possibly NSFW language:

Camp Alphaville videos: Zoltan Pozsar on the shadow banking system

Last one — a chat with Zoltan Pozsar (in front of the Faces of Alphaville shooting gallery) on the safety of the US financial system, global regulatory architecture, and the Fed’s reverse repo facility:

Reminder: US Macro Live special edition, Fed presser edition

Matt and I will be hosting Macro Live for Wednesday afternoon’s FOMC presser. We’ll start at 2:25pm EST (7:25pm in London), and you’ll find us at our usual spot.

The FT will be repped at the presser by Sam-I-am Fleming, and here’s an excerpt from a preview by Robin Wigglesworth and Shawn Donnan: Read more

Video: US class of 2015, meet your fellow graduates and find out what’s next

Here’s a video with some facts about this year’s graduating class. For those interested, below is the transcript along with the sources used underneath the relevant passages. Read more

The mysterious decline in the number of US public companies

A new paper from Craig Doidge, G Andrew Karolyi, and René M Stulz investigates the reasons why the number of publicly listed US companies peaked in 1996, even as the number of publicly listed foreign firms climbed.

From the study:

The number of U.S. listings fell from 8,025 in 1996 to 4,101 in 2012, whereas non-U.S. listings increased from 30,734 to 39,427.

(Click to enlarge, and careful with the dual Y-axes.) Read more

Alphachat: the podcast moment, and some recommendations

(Here’s the ubiquitous emergency link in case anyone suffers from tech bork, and the embedded podcast doesn’t appear.)

The latest Alphachat is a discussion about the business of podcasting with FT media correspondent Shannon Bond and Buzzfeed’s Nick Quah, both of whom also offer a few recommendations for FT readers at the end of conversation. Nick writes Hot Pod, an excellent weekly newsletter that chronicles ongoing events in the podcasting world, aggregating the big stories of the week and adding his own reporting and critical commentary.

A time guide below, and a few additional notes after: Read more

The maddening conundrum-redux conundrum


Video: Automation, jobs and history

I started babbling with a camera in front of me and a green screen behind me, and then FT video producer Chris Booker employed his usual wizardry to make sense of it all. Read more

Reminder: US Macro Live special edition, Fed presser edition

Matt “Macro” Klein and I will be hosting Macro Live for Wednesday afternoon’s FOMC presser. We’ll start at 2:25pm EST (7:25pm in London), and you’ll find us at this link, our usual spot. See you there!

For a preview, here’s an excerpt from a recent piece by Sam-I-am Fleming, who will be repping the FT at the presser: Read more

Jobs, automation, Engels’ pause and the limits of history

Here’s a story that you may have heard.

Median wages and living standards are stagnant, and by some measures they have worsened, having decoupled from productivity growth for several decades. Read more

Unemployment rate now grazing the Fed’s Nairu central tendency range

Having fallen to 5.5 per cent, the US unemployment rate now touches the high end of the central tendency range of the Fed’s long-run estimate — its proxy for the non-accelerating rate inflation rate of unemployment. Read more

US equity market stat du jour

There were $118 billion of buyback authorizations in February, a 48% increase versus February of 2014 ($80 bln).

February was the strongest month ever and 2015 was the strongest start to the year ever with $152 billion of authorizations recorded year-to-date. We recorded 139 authorizations, which was virtually even with the same period in 2014 (141). Read more

More on the 1 per cent and US inequality since the crisis

Following up on a recent discussion within the economics commentariat (to which we contributed), we emailed economist Ed Wolff to request a further breakdown of his findings on changes in US income and wealth inequality.

Wolff’s analyses data from the Fed’s triennial Survey of Consumer Finances, which considers pre-tax income but does include government transfers. You can read our earlier posts on his work here and hereRead more