Markets Live

About Markets Live:

FT Alphaville’s Markets Live is a real-time service in which our commentators offer their views on moves and news in the markets in a live streaming-media format.

The daily chat with FT Alphaville Editor Paul Murphy and Bryce Elder from the FT’s London markets team, begins at 11am, London time.

Paul and Bryce offer insight into share price moves and other financial asset news, dissect analysts’ research notes and highlight market-moving events. They also break price-moving news.

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The Markets Live lexicon:

– The numbered bandits – Our commentators constantly have their ear to the ground – but some sources are better than others. A tip from a source with a rating of “1” is gold dust, while a source ranked “10” comes with a health warning.

– A “felt collared source” – a professional from the PR industry. A more mainstream source of information than the bandits above (who might have their collars felt), but that does not necessarily mean they add much value.

– “Buy” or “Sell,” often used with liberal amounts of sarcasm.

– Heads up, there’s big news ahead, or possibly a large hole to fall into.

– Burnt fingers – what might happen to you if you follow a tip from bandit number 10.

– Tin hat – useful when you’re about to take a tumble

– An FT Alphaville favourite for a stock that has taken off in a big way, or looks likely to.

And remember, shares and other financial assets can go up and down at frightening speed. Don’t dabble unless you know what you are doing and can afford to lose the money.