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A fistful of euros
From the euro to Eurovision – a blog for all things European

Abnormal Returns
Quality curation

Aleph Blog
Actuarial and investment insights from David Merkel

Barking up the wrong tree
Summaries of interesting academic papers

Bespoke Investment Group
Tailored snippets from Bespoke Investment Group

Brazilian Bubble
On Brazil, bubbles – and Brics

Bronte Capital
A Down Under offering from Australian hedgie, John Hempton

Calculated Risk
Bill McBride on US economics with a special focus on housing markets

UK-based and ‘always on the money’

Cassandra does Tokyo
A blog about financial surreality – especially in Japan

Climateer Investing
Agriculture, energy, markets and much much more (Chinese)
Discussion on hedge funds – in Chinese

Coppola Comment
Frances Coppola’s musings. Always worth a visit.

Credit Slips
From bankruptcy law to sovereign debt restructuring – a must-read

Credit Writedowns
Ed Harrison and others on the credit crisis

James Hamilton and Menzie Chinn on US economic policy

Economist's View
Mark Thoma aggregates each day’s economics links

Farnam Street
What the smartest people on the net read (other than FT Alphaville, of course)

Felix Salmon
Reuter’s Felix Salmon on anything that crosses his path.

Michelle Leder digs through financial filings so that you don’t have to

FT Off Message
Politics and policy tackled by former Alphavillian John McDermott

Greg Mankiw
Observations from a right-of-centre Harvard economist

Gregor Macdonald
Essays on energy transition from Portland, Oregon

The International Monetary Fund’s bloggy economic forum

Interactive Investor
Classic value investing, featuring the Thrifty 30

Steve Randy Waldman on finance and economics, heavily infused by philosophy and whimsy

Jeff Matthews
Caustic columns on stocks and the analysts who cover them

Kid Dynamite
I don’t understand why this wasn’t here previously — Murphy: Smart markets commentary

Learn Bonds
A site about bond markets

Long and Variable
Monetary musings from Bank of England old timer

Macro Exposure
Economics, Politics, & Finance from a couple of clever students at Copenhagen Business School, including FTAV’s former intern Simon

Macro Man
Macro views and poetry – satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Macro Market Musings
Market monetarist perspective from David Beckworth

Australian finance, macro and economics blog with a focus on China and commodities

Marc to Market
Out-of-the box political economic thinking about global capital markets

Money is the way
The world’s foremost financial shaman and a visionary blogger.

Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
Cecchetti and Schoenholtz on finance

Blog of Merryn Somerset Webb, editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek

Naked Capitalism
Finance and economics blog with a focus on legal and ethical issues

The curiously titled blog of Alphaville and FT columnist Neil Collins

Paul Krugman
The conscience of a liberal, at the NY Times

Polemic's Pains
Ex Macro Man doing Macro Man type things.

Mike Konczal on finance and economic policy, a left-of-centre perspective

Savvy Investor
A knowledge network for institutional investors

Sober Look
An essential, chart heavy, look at financial markets using primary sources

Streetwise Professor
Craig Pirrong, professor of finance at Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

The Economic Populist
A collaborative blog discussing all things dollar

The Epicurean Dealmaker
A pseudonymous investment banker’s funny, acerbic commentary on Wall Street

The iBanker
Behind the scenes of high-flying finance

The price of everything
Tim Price on investment markets, value and absolute returns

The Reformed Broker
Josh Brown’s witty, hilarious daily musings on the market

The Tally
Investment banking, private equity et al, at the blog of Financial News

Zero Hedge
For those who believe the CIA killed JFK … Financial illumination this way