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Eight questions every first-time buyer should ask

  1. MiFID II: not all doom and gloom
  2. Tesla: getting to Q3 profitability
  3. Turkey contagion fears are overblown [Update]
  4. The chance of an inflation shock may be higher than you think
  5. Sorry Tim, the humanity is not being drained out of music
  6. Digital crop circles
  7. What could go wrong here?
  8. Sirius Minerals: money for a hole in the ground
  9. The Bank of England has a strange idea of what QE achieved
  10. One for the ladies...
  11. 'Of course, many ridiculous papers appeared'
  12. Is a change goin' to come?
  13. The capacity's not there yet (and probably never will be)
  14. Musk and Tesla are not inseparable
  15. Libraries, from Carnegie to Bezos
  16. Crypto & government: from anarchy to amity in the USA
  17. 'I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot sanction this Series B round'
  18. RBC, through the FANG barrier
  19. Self-help to buy
  20. CFA: Chartered crypto analysts -- updated
  21. The Netflix dilemma -- updated
  22. Fujitsu's new blockchain offering: really cheap or really expensive?
  23. Nothing But the Shirt on Your Back
  24. Universities of Britain: cosying up to crypto is a bad look
  25. How to make a living in the cult of meritocracy
  26. Spotify: Drake-oil salesmen
  27. Oh, the digital humanity
  28. Building a blockchain Britain in Bloxwich, because ...?
  29. Sports are not markets, predictions ain't investment
  30. Spot the difference, Steinhoff edition
  31. Larry Robbins, a cautionary tale
  32. The node to serfdom
  33. Carney is down with the crypto kids
  34. Samsonite: inventory, excess baggage, and unresolved questions
  35. It might be a long wait for “the equivalent alternative to ICOs”
  36. Don't blame it on the sunshine
  37. In corporate America, brands develop you
  38. One in ten dollars of US housing were anonymous
  39. Should AT&T worry more about its debt?
  40. Who cares if Elon is incinerating capital?
  41. Let’s not try make 'crypto chicks' a thing
  42. Tokens all the way down
  43. Eight-dimensional chess with Elon Musk
  44. A lopsided trade is a good trade, Italian inflation edition
  45. How to buy Italian fire insurance
  46. Atlas bugged
  47. Inflating inflation
  48. Crypto's most devout believers are suffering a crisis of faith
  49. Plus500: past performance is no guide to the future
  50. Noble rot in a shrinking Harbour
  51. In defence of ticket touts
  52. Please don't tell individual investors to buy leveraged loans
  53. RIB Software: the unicorn rainy-day fund
  54. Retail is not dead
  55. Did Soros really give Tesla a “vote of confidence”?
  56. At a crypto conference in New York, it feels like 2017 all over again
  57. Egregious expectations - Intelsat edition
  58. Bitcoin cash is expanding into the void
  59. Stop getting The Flintstones wrong
  60. Bond investors do not care if Argentina is solvent in 100 years
  61. Ubiquiti Networks: of cash and borrowed time
  62. “We're very disappointed in you, Spotify”
  63. 'Sex redistribution' and the means of reproduction
  64. Tesla probably needs to raise capital this year
  65. No entitlement crisis in America
  66. Free cash flow to whom?
  67. Hey crypto bros! Journalism ≠ advertising
  68. Human capital and the jobs guarantee
  69. This is a tech bubble, when's the crash?
  70. The magic of adjustments: ebitla-dee-da
  71. FUD, inglorious FUD
  72. A complex analysis reaches same conclusion as simple one: hedge funds suck
  73. The jobs guarantee and human-capital “nationalisation”
  74. These hedge fund numbers can't be right
  75. The Vomiting Camel has escaped from Bitcoin zoo
  76. Lies, damn lies, and charticles
  77. The world doesn't need more Elon Musks
  78. No, Facebook should not become a nonprofit
  79. Sell all crypto and abandon all blockchain
  80. Immutable ledgers meet European data protection
  81. Amazon is not a bubble
  82. Japan's economic miracle
  83. Have you ever meta crypto joke you didn't like?
  84. Delaware should change its rules to let the light in
  85. Who needs the labels anyway?
  86. Baby Boomers want your family to finance a larger share of their retirement
  87. No, America would not benefit from authoritarian central planning
  88. No one needs to buy Tesla
  89. How to win a debate in the cult of meritocracy
  90. Steinhoff International and the case of Pepkor Global Sourcing
  91. Sorry Jack, Bitcoin will not become the global currency
  92. The “academic’s cryptocurrency” is an elegant waste of time
  93. Cigarettes are the vice America needs
  94. Well that’s one reason to buy yen…
  95. Musicians, don't just blame the labels for your lack of dough
  96. Giving stock away to staff doesn't absolve share buybacks
  97. A penny for Macpherson’s thoughts on the nominal anchor
  98. Monopoly and its discontents
  99. A State of Mind
  100. America is not the least protectionist country in the world
  101. This is nuts, when does Netflix crash?
  102. No Bloomberg, the world's richest people did not lose $114bn...
  103. Someone is wrong on the internet, government employee pensions and passive investing edition
  104. Someone is wrong on the internet, possibly fragile
  105. Someone is wrong on the internet, consumer financial regulation edition
  106. Someone is wrong on the internet: tontine tokens [Update]
  107. Someone is wrong on the internet, road economics edition
  108. Someone is wrong on the internet, wages and the stock market edition
Eight questions every first-time buyer should ask

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