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Ricardo Hausmann on the tragedy in Venezuela

Ricardo Hausmann speaks with us about the macroeconomic and humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela. Hausmann is the Director of the Center for International Development at Harvard, where he also runs the Growth Lab. The topics we cover in the chat include an overview of Venezuelan history since the 1950s, the state’s reliance on oil, the specific policies enacted by Hugo Chavez that are responsible for the current disaster, his own antagonistic relationship with the Venezuelan government, the bleak prospects for the country’s future, and the fate of its debt. Some of the articles we referenced, with links embedded:

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Mary Waters on the integration of immigrants into the US

Our guest this week is Mary Waters, a Harvard sociologist who chaired the committee appointed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine to investigate the integration of immigrants into American society. She also edited the wonderfully detailed report published by the committee in September 2015. You can view a summary of the report here, and we’ll publish a transcript of the chat as soon as it’s ready. Enjoy!

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Lee Buchheit and Mitu Gulati on Venezuela’s debt

This week, the FT’s US markets editor Robin Wigglesworth interviews sovereign debt experts Lee Buchheit and Mitu Gulati about their recent paper, How to Restructure Venezuelan Debt, after starting the show with a brief update on the ongoing economic and humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela. As further reading and listening, Robin also recommends Part 1 and Part 2 of a series by Anna Gelpern, a recent special report from Reuters, and his own sovereign debt series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Angus Deaton on his Nobel prize-winning career (encore)

Season 3 of Alphachat starts next week, but today we’re re-upping a wonderful conversation we had with Angus Deaton in October 2015, just after he’d won the the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel — or just the economic Nobel, to the non-pedants among you. Further down is a time guide to the topics we discuss. And as we wrote at the time of the interview, several threads run consistently throughout his academic work and his writing (copied from our original post), including:

Encore episode — Heidi Williams on gene sequencing, patent design, and innovation incentives

Alphachat is hard at work preparing for its third season, which starts in just a few weeks. We’ll soon feature interviews with Michael Pettis on the economics and politics of trade rebalancing, Tim Harford on technology and the making of the modern economy, and Gabriel Zucman on tax havens and inequality. This week we are running again one of our favourite episodes from last year — a chat with Heidi Williams of MIT. Below we re-post the show notes from that episode. Enjoy!

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