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The Billionaire Crisis: Tax Havens • The End of the Free Internet • Abenomics • Demographics and Destiny • Capital Controls • China: Towards a New Model • The Future of India • The Inversion Perversion • Are Public Markets Broken? • Technology and Neo-Imperialism • Is there Such a Thing as Peak Globalisation? • Balanced Payments and the World Economy • How to Commit a Stock Fraud for Fun and Profit • Rise of the Human: Why Robots are Still Crap • How the Music Industry Really Works • Chinese Banks • The Viability of the Blockchain • A Week on from the Brexit Referendum • Mystery Dissident • Is Banking Dead? • The Eurodollar Market• Discounted cash flow models • Women in Banking • Social Impact Investing • Liquidity: Cure or Curse? • Commodities of the Future • The Productivity Puzzle • The Business of Football • The Space Race • Cashless Society • The Mysterious Laws of Scaling • Cybercrime • The Lifecycle of an Online Lender •And much, much more Peter Praet Chief Economist, European Central Bank • Amanda Staveley Founder, PCP Capital Partners • Michael Pettis Professor of Finance Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Beijing • JP Rangaswami Chief Data Officer, Deutsche Bank • Gavyn Davies Chairman Fulcrum Asset Management • George Magnus Economist and independent adviser, UBS • Toby Nangle Global Co-Head of Asset Allocation, Columbia Threadneedle • Gottfried Leibbrandt CEO, Swift • Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University • And many more

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