Finally, a cracking use-case for bitcoin

Those who say bitcoin is completely useless are completely wrong. It does have a value: it allows people to pay for things on the internet that either the buyer or the seller — or both — don't want other people to know about.

That's why bitcoin was the currency of choice for people buying drugs, arms and other illicit things on places like AlphaBay and Hansa, the dark-web marketplaces, which were both shut down in 2017.

So it's hardly surprising that if your particular desires and fetishes stray into the kind of curious places that you'd rather your colleagues didn't know about, you'd rather pay to satisfy those kinks via bitcoin.

All you need do is head on over to /r/slavelabour/ (which by the way has more than 85,000 subscribers) for evidence of this. See, for example, one rather peculiar request yesterday, for $200 plus the value of a dozen eggs in bitcoin (shout-out to Buttcoin Reddit for this one):

The full contents of the post have since been removed, presumably because a willing egg slave was found, but one Redditor kindly posted it for everyone to see:

Update: this task is only available currently to people who have not done a task for me already. Sorry.

This is the weirdest task yet!

I'm looking for someone who meets the following criteria:



Aged 18-24

Muscular/athletic body type

Decent acting skills

Here's the task of the day:

You'll be recording a video of yourself cooking eggs, but you have an egg fetish and after you begin cracking the eggs into a bowl, you begin cracking eggs on your body and rubbing all over. (Your supposed to have an egg fetish and you enjoy the feeling of eggs on your body). After you finish cooking the eggs you will then begin to eat the eggs you cooked.

This is basically the whole gist of the video. This is a SFW task, you won't be showing any NSFW body parts, but you will be shirtless in the entire video and your face must be showing.

Important: This video will not be shared with more than 3-5 people and it will not show up on youtube or pornhub. I have done tasks like this several times in the past and have had no issues at all with paying people for this task and keeping these videos private from the public eye. I will not be sending ANY portion of the payment until the task is fully completed due to several scammers.

If you are interested please send me a DM. It would be most helpful if you could include a photo of yourself shirtless and I will reply back if you are given permission to do the task, as well as additional information.

The pay for this task is $200 (if you video fulfils all of the requirements) plus the cost of a dozen of eggs.

The person asking for the video, one “u/FoodPets”, has requested unusual things in exchange for bitcoin before, so it doesn't look like a prank. (Like a “gut-punching” video, and a "3-5 minute flexing video”.)

So yes, we'll admit it. We tried to say there was no killer use-case for crypto but we now have egg smothered all over our faces. HODL.

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