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Happy women’s day! You’re paid less than men! – Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at the Futuretrack data that showed female graduates in the UK earning less than their male colleagues. This appears to hold even when graduates did the same degree, went to a similar university, and so on. It is particularly concerning to see data that show women start out on lower pay, given the potential knock-on effects for one’s future earnings.

In this post, we move on to look at a few academic studies about why this might be, particularly around pay negotiation. Read more

Happy women’s day! You’re paid less than men! – Part 1

Hurrah, it’s International Women’s Day! Time for a bunch of reports informing us of much less we earn than men! Aren’t you excited?

The formula:

  1. Sample data finds that women aren’t paid as highly as men, while holding various factors constant.
  2. Off into the tumbleweeds of academic studies that try to determine why.
  3. A pundit in question writes about it. (Why, hello…)

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FT Alphaville may be exaggerating with the headline a bit, but then, there’s this:

Board changes at banks that result in a higher proportion of female executives “lead to a more risky conduct of business”, concluded the authors of an extensive study of German finance houses released by the country’s central bank.

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Vogue finance

Whom would you rather see in the pages of Vogue?

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This video (purportedly) shows a Macquarie Bank worker caught assessing certain non-bank assets, while his colleague talks Australian interest rates with 7 News:

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Goldman awaits the rise of the women

Perhaps this reflects our own biases more than Goldman’s, but we think the investment bank has come over strangely feminist in its latest research note.

“The Power of the Purse: Gender Equality and Middle Class Spending” is a 25-page piece of research which asserts that improving conditions for women in developing countries will lead to greater female purchasing power and eventually result in a “virtuous circle” of global economic growth and equality. Read more

Recession over! Worst of the New York dating scene returns

Kill us.

Fashion meets Finance – the New York-based social service that aims to match attractive but relatively poor women with relatively unattractive but rich finance professionals correct gender imbalances between New York bar scenes, is still alive and is about to hold another of their sleazy soiréesRead more

The Women (& Co.) of Citi

Citi has had it with women.

WomenCo. that is. Read more