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History says buy

Vroom vroom…

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The life of Bryan, or what did monetary policy ever do for us?

To understand why Rick Perry this week picked a fight with Ben Bernanke and why media pariah Ron Paul continues to attract a cult following, it helps to know what happened on the evening of June 20, 1790 at a New York dinner party.

Thomas Jefferson, fresh from his stint as American minister to France, had the day before literally bumped into Alexander Hamilton, who looked “somb[er], haggard, and dejected beyond comparison,” according to the future President’s writings. Read more

The history of US finance in one very, very long chart

PowerPoint smackdown.

We popped this in further further reading but it’s cool and weekend-friendly enough to warrant a short Friday post. (You may have seen this before but we hadn’t, so please indulge this geekery.) Read more

Deflationary periods in US history

A chart from the St Louis Fed:

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