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Eurostat isn’t happy with Greece and its Goldman swap

Greece’s currency swaps with Goldman Sachs may have slipped your memory.

Luckily Eurostat, in a just-published review of its methodological visits to Greece in 2010, has a quick reminder. More importantly, it’s kind of the European statistic agency’s final word on the matter: Read more

Titlos and Greek currency swap titillation

You are looking at a page on the National Bank of Greece’s (NBG) website that once, presumably, would have held the prospectus for Titlos Plc — a special-purpose vehicle created in 2009 to securitise a now-infamous swap agreement between the Greek bank and the country’s government.

The prospectus for the deal, arranged by Goldman Sachs, has gone missing from the NBG website. But there’s a good summary of it here, and you can still take a look at its structure hereRead more