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Tin hat time… everywhere?

So far in 2016, yes.

From Deutsche’s latest House View:

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China’s Black Monday… and the Fed

Xinhua’s words, so it’s official:

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Quick, sell now George! (Updated)

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The rush from risk

Quick Yahoo snaphot at the end of a bloody day on Wall St:

Tin hat time: European analysts declare ‘meltdown’

As the Mighty Drachmark slid toward parity with the US dollar and global markets tumbled for another session on Thursday, European analysts appeared to be donning their tin hats en masse.

Here’s a sample of the research notes that hit the FT Alphaville inbox on Thursday, any emphasis ours. Read more

CDS report: It’s getting worse…

Markit chart of European bank CDS

A disappointing week for bullish investors got worse today as it became clear that the credit market was in the midst of its most severe correction since the early months of 2009. The positive feedback loop between states and their banking sectors has re-emerged, and is having a seismic impact on the broader market. Read more

Time for the tin hat?

Remember this?

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