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Engineers vs urban geometry

Should we really be surprised then that someone like Elon Musk, a man not just from Mars but an active card-carrying citizen of Mars, should be continuously confusing what are ultimately social problems for engineering ones?
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Some sort of house of cards

Mr. Musk said it is “important that there not be some sort of house of cards that crumbles if one element of the pyramid of Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX falters.”

He said his loans [backed by Tesla and SolarCity stock] aren’t risky to shareholders because they add up to less than 5% of his total net worth, which exceeds $10 billion. That figure doesn’t include Mr. Musk’s large stake in SpaceX, which is private. He said he could easily put up more SpaceX or Tesla shares as collateral if needed.

“The odds that a margin call cannot be addressed are almost zero,” Mr. Musk said in the interview.

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This is nuts. When’s the crash?

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This is Tesla. When does Musk crash?

Mr. Elon Musk, our Chief Executive Officer, Product Architect and Chairman of our Board of Directors, has indicated his preliminary interest in purchasing up to an aggregate of 83,974 shares of our common stock in this offering at the public offering price for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $20 million.

Tesla Motors, the loss making manufacturer of electric cars, has announced plans to sell an additional 2.1m shares to its investors, to raise $0.5bn in cash. Read more

Engineering cult value, Elon Musk edition

Elon Musk isn’t just an eccentric visionary with a penchant for Bond-villain scale thinking, he’s a branded cult phenomenon. The man is known for thinking absolutely anything is possible provided enough hard work and belief are thrown at it.

Hyper loops? Check. Manned missions to Mars? Check. AI annihilation? Check. If Elon can dream it, he can make it happen.

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No one needs to buy Tesla

Apple is recruiting experts in automotive technology and vehicle design to work at a new top-secret research lab, said several people familiar with the company, pointing to ambitions that go beyond the dashboard.

Friday’s news of a secret research lab in the FT there, which stirred the froth around Tesla, the electric car company run by Elon Musk. A $75bn takeover target for Apple, anyone?

The problem with the theory, aside from Tesla’s mere $25bn market capitalisation, is that nobody really needs to buy Tesla. Might someone? Sure, but a glance at the company’s history shows just how little cash it took to build. Read more

Electric cars as a medium for electricity storage and discharge

We promised some more insights from the UBS report on solar, batteries and electric vehicles. So here goes.

First, a chart showing just how quickly solar costs have been falling since 2007:

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Insurers will destroy themselves to nudge us into robot utopia

How to tell that serious investors are yet to take the Morgan Stanley robot car wonderland seriously? Insurance companies still have value.

The point is this: where we’re going we’ll still need roads, but there won’t be (much) call for car insurance.

Moreover, insurers are going to be the agents of their own demise. They have no choice, the logic of robots is just too compelling, and the process has already begun. Read more

A Chinese wall made of battery packs

Quite the week for Tesla Motors, which jumped 14 per cent on Tuesday after Morgan Stanley auto analyst Adam Jonas penned a financial love letter that dreamt of a robot car utopia powered by Tesla battery packs.

The analyst’s target price went to $320, from $153. It comes after Elon Musk told Bloomberg TV that he had conversations with Apple, but another boost to the valuation ahead of any stock based capital raising to fund the battery “Gigafactory” can’t hurt.

Incidentally, who was it who asked about a possible capital raise on Tesla’s conference call last week? Read more

Tesla, from zero to hero

Remember when bashing Tesla was all the fashion? When Elon Musk had to defend himself from shorters and haters on a daily basis? When free-market types cursed the company’s dependence on government subsidies and rent-seeking, and considered it a market abomination? When even the most optimistic analysts couldn’t make the share-price valuation work?

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This is nuts. When’s the crash?

Only 12 years to go till the “utopian society” drives up.

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God complex *alert*

A couple of years ago we had the privilege of attending a closed door session with a well known (former) spook/security type. We shan’t mention exactly who it was, but suffice to say the person in question seemed to know more about what’s what in the world of global security than anyone else doing the public speaking rounds these days.

It was a so-called “access event”, the sort where wealth managers pay organisers to connect them with those who know much more about what’s going on than they do.

The spook in question made clear that he could only comment in a private capacity and in very general terms, but he was nevertheless open to questions. Read more

Why Tesla’s rally may have a short fuse

Tesla stock seems to be flying on a SpaceX shuttle mission to Mars at the moment:

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Tesla’s rise and the credit connection

This has been the breakout performance of electric car maker Tesla in the last month or so:

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