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Food for thought on digital news consumption

With the freedom to publicise at a low cost at will, what place is there for the subset of writers and editors doing this for a living? Andrew Betts, director at FT Labs, opined in a recent TEDx talk that if media organisations are to weather the changing habits of consumers of news and analysis, technological innovations must occur. Read more

Apple sues Samsung over iPad patents

Apple has filed a suit against Samsung Electronics alleging that the company’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets infringe patents on the iPhone and iPad, Bloomberg says. Samsung ‘slavishly’ copied Apple designs with earlier products less redolent of iPad features, the suit argues, according to Reuters. The suit pits the tablet market’s two largest competitors each other and marks a new stage in litigation over smartphones, says the FT. Apple’s relatively small portfolio of patents puts it at a disadvantage to rivals. The Samsung case is the first Apple has brought over ‘trade dress’ or product appearance. Its suit even covers the Nexus S phone, a Google Android product that has no Samsung software, Daring Fireball notes.

A tale of two tech companies

As the share price of Nokia continues to sink in the wake of Friday’s distinctly underwhelming tie-up with Microsoft…

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Microsoft leaves ‘Wintel’ behind with tablet plan

‘Whatever device you use, Windows will be there,’ said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Intel probably won’t be. Microsoft has decided to ally with the UK’s ARM Holdings over its traditional relationship with Intel in planning new smartphone and tablet products, Reuters reports. But the new devices won’t likely appear for another two to three years, suggesting Apple’s dominance in the sector will go unchallenged for a while yet, the FT says. There’s also little value in Microsoft’s favouring of ARM, and an Intel acquisition of the latter looks unlikely, argues FT Alphaville.