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Shopping in the future

FT Alphaville loves futuristic research reports.

Here’s Espirito’ Santo’s Caroline Gulliver with a look at what we can expect from “shopping in the future”. Some of the points echo our own beyond scarcity and multiple currency/payment method thoughts very closely… such as the idea that quality will become ever more important to customers while pricing will increasingly become a function of who you are and your relationship with the retailer. One price will fit fewer and fewer people. While supply chains and inventory holdings will respond ever more dynamically to demand in order to stay competitive. Read more

Apple cuts iPad supply chain orders, JPM says

Suppliers of Apple’s iPad have indicated that the company has lowered its orders by 25 per cent for the last quarter of 2011, according to a report by JPMorgan, Bloomberg reports. The report said that its US analyst did not expect that his forecast of 10.9m-12m shipments of Apple iPads in Q3 and Q4 would be affected, but added that the order cut was the first JPMorgan had seen. The drop in production may be a prelude to Apple commencing work on the iPad 3, following reports that its supplier list has recently been finalised, The Next Web says.

Beige Book optimism on supply chains

The Federal Reserve’s latest Beige Book has reveal slowing growth in four of its 12 regional districts, despite indicating that the slowdown is temporary after ‘widespread’ disruptions to supply chains from the Japan earthquake, reports Reuters. Confirmation of serious supply chain disruption is positive for the economy because it suggests that growth will bounce back from a recent “soft patch” once supplies return to normal, the FT says. Respondents in New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Chicago reported deceleration in growth. Bloomberg has a summary of all 12 regional reports.

The tsunami effect, charted

In the days immediately following the twin earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan, there was much speculation about how big the impact might be on the country’s trade and exports.

Now thanks to Sean Corrigan, chief investment strategist at Diapason Commodities, we have it charted: Read more

Japan’s supply-chain loss, Europe’s gain?

The supply chain issue affecting Japan appears to be getting much worse than initially expected.

For example, as Reuters reported on Tuesday, a shortage of parts is now threatening to force Sony to cut production or suspend output at five more plants in Japan. Read more

Global industries consider supply chains

Supply chain specialists at companies around the world are struggling to assess the extent of the disruption to their manufacturing capability amid chaos in Japan following last Friday’s earthquake, the FT says. While few large businesses are admitting to any serious problems, many are examining contingency plans that could help to keep their factories around the world stocked with parts in the event that supply chains become badly affected in the next few weeks. The WSJ says insurers could be on the hook for some of the lost profits at manufacturers whose supply chains are disrupted.

Companies eye Japan supply disruptions

Supply chain specialists at companies worldwide are trying to assess the extent of the disruption to their manufacturing capability amid chaos in Japan following last Friday’s earthquake, reports the FT. Few large companies are admitting to serious problems but many are examining contingency plans to keep factories around the world stocked with parts in the event of a break-down in Japan’s supply chain. Companies that use electronics products containing specialist, Japanese-made components could be hit badly, say logistics experts. Japan is a key producer of components for industries including automotive, construction and electronics, supplying sectors such as industrial control systems and mobile phones with components.