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Unstable commodities

Nymex WTI futures trade experienced somewhat of a wobble on Wednesday.

As Stephen Schork highlights in his chart of the day: Read more


The justification for Wednesday’s commodity rout is still that RBOB futures fell (or crashed) after the EIA reported larger than expected US stockbuilds in gasoline. The more than 8 per cent move, in the usually much more stable contract, saw the CME lift margins for speculators by 21.4 per cent for Thursday.

But is the RBOB situation really all that simple? Read more

Is Nymex natgas the ‘Yugo’ of the the energy complex?

…according to Stephen Schork, the analyst behind the widely-read Schork report on energy markets, it certainly is. In fact, he provides the following illustration of the communist-era car in his Monday report to emphasise the point:
Yugo - Schork Report

As Schork points out, if spot gas can go from 2.409 to 5.318 — with no discernible fundamentals backing such a move — then there’s no reason it can’t go back to 2.409. Read more

Someone’s smarter than the average natgas bear

Analysts agree, natural gas fundamentals are still bearish. Despite that, Nymex Henry Hub futures went — dare we say — a little crazy this week in terms of volatility. After a massive run-up mid week, the contract closed 8 per cent lower on Thursday.

Here’s a chart from Stephen Schork’s Thursday Schork Report reflecting the extent of the volatility: Read more

Schork: “Nymex natgas is a bubble”

There were some very volatile moves higher in Nymex natural gas futures on Monday.For those who might be interpreting those swings as the makings of a genuine bull market, we thought we’d present some of Tuesday’s commentary on the subject.

First, our favourite, which comes from Stephen Schork of the Schork Report (our emphasis): Read more