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This is nu–oh, it’s Spanish banks and tech, we’ll give them this one

BBVA buys Simple, the “replace your bank” savings app, for $117m in cash…

The deal is a big win for Simple’s founders and investors, who had put a total of $15.3 million into the company. A source close to Simple tells The Verge that the company had been shopping itself around in search of a buyer, since business wasn’t progressing as quickly as it hoped. “They had kind of run out of steam,” said the source, but with a big new partner and flush with cash, perhaps Simple will find a second wind.

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The banks are OK, Spanish edition

Glimmers of hope in Spain, which has adjusted its economy (cut labour costs) and is peering around the corner of recovery. Credit Suisse has sufficient confidence to upgrade its views on some of the banks.

They would now buy Caixabank and Popular, while Sabadell gets a reprieve from the sell list.

We see Spanish banks approaching a ‘turnaround’ in the earnings cycle after material progress in terms of funding, capital and Non Performing Asset recognition, and with superior operating leverage adding appeal to the story…

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The banks are OK? Debt issuance edition

Friday bank chart time, and as we like ambiguous messages, lets look at debt issuance by the Giips — banks across Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

The good news is that it is up a lot so far this year, $7bn or a hefty 16 per cent rise on the same period last year. Whooo.

The bad news is that it is still down a lot compared to, say, the same period in any of the preceding six years. Hoooo dear. Read more

The banks are OK: survey edition

We don’t know exactly what next year’s Asset Quality Review will involve yet, but we are starting to get a picture of what investors think about the ECB’s forthcoming burrow through bank balance sheets.

In short, given that it might not be all over until the end 0f 2014, everyone is feeling pretty good about the banks right now, and that might explain a surge of appreciation for European stocks. Read more

So Popular it just can’t stop buying itself

Spain’s Popular bank has got backing for a €2.5bn rights issue. But here’s the thing we think deserves a touch more attention — in the run up to the rights issue, Popular once again ramped up its holdings of its own shares, from 0.588 per cent in July to 3.979 per cent on the second of November (data here). We still find this odd…

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Is the ECB sticking to its collateral rules?

The ECB may have granted loans to the Spanish bank sector on too low an interest rate given the quality of the collateral posted, according to an investigation by Die Welt. It potentially raises rather worrying questions about the bank’s risk control systems and whether it is even following its own strict lending rules. Read more

Soy Sareb

It includes an almost 80 per cent haircut on buying foreclosed land assets from banks. (“The transfer price is not a reference for the valuation of nontransferred bank assets.” – OK then) Useful to remember that pricing will be based on “real economic value” – which Ireland’s Nama showed can be an elastic term – but the presentation also says further “adjustments” will be made on top of that.

There’s also a “conservative” target of 14 to 15 per cent return on equity over 15 years for working out loans… while Sareb will spend €45bn on a first wave of loans transferred from Bankia and other particularly weak banks.

Moody’s on Spanish banks and others on the bailout muddle

The Oliver Wyman report landed last week. The headline was that Spain’s banks would need almost €60bn in new capital and that seven out of the 14 Spanish banks under review failed the ‘bottom up’ test.

The actual recap figure was €59.3bn, falling to €53.7bn because banks are allowed to count in both mergers in which they’re involved and deferred tax assets. We expressed some scepticism about those DTA’s and the rather hopeful proposition that… Read more

Those Spanish stress test results

Seven (many already nationalised) lenders, comprising 37 per cent of Spanish banks’ loan portfolios, failed and need more capital. Seven lenders passed.

It’s almost €60bn, as initial estimates had suggested in June. Read more

Placements privadas, in Spain

Should you worry about this kind of thing in Spanish debt?

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Draghi, Spanish banks, and revisiting the collateral issue

As you mull over the leaked reports of what Draghi might say on Thursday and its implications for Spain’s banking system (and many other things), here’s an updated and stunning note on recent Spanish capital flight generally from Nomura:

The main conclusion from looking at the details of the country-specific balance of payments within the eurozone is that Spain is in a category of its own. While there are some outflows in countries like Portugal and Italy, the size of these outflows is not nearly as large as in Spain. On a 3-month rolling basis, Italy’s outflows represent about 15% of GDP currently, while they represent about 50% of GDP for Spain. Read more

Spain’s funding costs post a Draghi-ing

So, we are days from finding out what the ECB is planning to do… or at least, days away from knowing more than we do now.

But immediate largesse in the bond market isn’t the only bit of help that should be concentrated on. There is still Spain’s bank-bailout to consider and where its costs should ultimately lieRead more

FROB and (bail-in) gristle

Just a small thing from Spain’s latest banking legislation, but a telling thing…

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‘Badwill’ in Spain

A hat-tip to David Enrich for the spot.

This is from Banco Sabadell’s results at the end of July. It’s all about the consolidation of Banco CAM into its new parentRead more

Bankia, el banco malo

The Spanish bank posted a €4.4bn loss late on Friday night, requiring the Spanish government to inject ‘transitory’ capital “con carácter inmediato” months before a proper, EU-led restructuring and recap plan for the Bankia group is drawn up.

Yes, this bank is still a disaster zone. Read more

When ECB bond-buying meets collateral

Click to enlarge.

A word of caution in advance: the optimal structure is deeply complex, which itself should raise concern in the minds of investors…

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Spanish banks increasingly dependent on ECB drip

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the Spanish financial sector is having to increasingly rely on ECB funding.

However, data released by the Bank of Spain on Tuesday reveals the sheer speed at which this happened: Read more

Spanish yields spiralling upwards

That’s Spanish 10-year bond yields hitting a new euro-era high of 7.434 per cent at pixel time according to Bloomberg data. Even more worryingly, Spanish short term borrowing costs continued to kick-up, with the 2-year composite yield touching 6.2 per cent as just about every tenor climbed. Read more

Finland’s Spanish swap

Fresh from being debated in an extraordinary session of the Finnish parliament…

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Spain, a bailout master doc

A little bit of confusion about this one on Thursday.

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Finland’s Spanish seguridad, some details

Spain’s banks really are providing Finland’s collateral for the EFSF/ESM bailout of Spain’s (weaker) banks.

The Finnish finance minister announced a deal on Tuesday. Here’s the presentation (in Finnish, hat-tip Aleksi MoisioRead more

The bail-in Spain — ECB edition

Banking crisis U-turn of the year?

From the WSJ’s Gabriele Steinhauser and Brian Blackstone: Read more

Nama and El Nama

How far will Spain’s bad bank be like Ireland’s?

There’s a superficially similar structure. Read more

Concessional in Spain

Lend at low rates, for a long term.

It’s one way Spain’s official creditors could believably renounce seniority in the bailout. Concessional loans would make it easier for Spain to refinance its debt stock as a whole, improving bondholder recovery, while recapitalising its banks. ArguablyRead more

The pain in Spain

If German citizens are wary about the Spanish bank bail-out, we can only imagine how some Spanish are going to feel about it.

As Joseph wrote yesterday (via El Pais) the draft memorandum of understanding for the bail-out includes provision to force any bank seeking aid to compulsorily write-off their preferred shares and subordinated bonds. Read more

The bail-in Spain

With a big hat-tip to El Pais, the draft memorandum of understanding for Spain’s bailout. We’re still reading through all the conditions imposed on Spanish banks…. Click pic for full doc

Featuring bank bail-ins for subordinated debt, notably: Read more

Finland’s got a seguridad

At an ungodly hour of Tuesday morning, eurozone ministers agreed that the EFSF will lend Spain €30bn for its banks by the end of July.

Two weeks. Read more

Spain brimming with Eurogroup win?

The Eurogroup finance ministers have inched things forward with their long Monday summit, but the press conference in the early hours of this morning also reaffirmed that many big questions remain.

The first headline is that Spain gets an extra year to meet its 3 per cent deficit-to-GDP ratio target. Just as well, because the country was extremely unlikely to hit that by the end of next year. The Journal reports that a draft statement says this means Spain can now run a 6.3 per cent deficit this year without risking penalties, compared with 5.3 per cent under the 2013 target. Read more

Eurogroup statement

9 July 2012

Eurogroup Statement on the follow-up of the 29 June Euro Summit Read more