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USAA+, stable

Clearly, the planet — on tenterhooks since S&P cut the world’s biggest AAA-rated credit two years ago — can breathe easily once more.

This is the key bit of why Standard & Poor’s put its rating for the United States of America on a stable outlook again (they also don’t see a repeat of the debt ceiling threatening debt service this year): Read more

S&P killer, qu’est-ce que c’est?

Did the world not already know that a CDO analyst at S&P parodied Talking Heads “Burning Down the House” as the residential market teetered in 2007?

Like “it could be structured by cows and we would rate it”, it feels like a meme that would need to be invented if it didn’t already exist. Read more

The US v S&P

Hat-tip to the WSJ Law Blog, the full US government complaint against Standard & Poor’s:

 Read more

Lighting a FIRREA under Standard & Poor’s

Update, 8:40pm UK time — Shares in McGraw-Hill were down 15 per cent at pixel.

Fresh in the inbox… Read more

Solipsist & Poor’s

Thanks to Reuters Jamie McGeever for spotting this rather circular bit of introspective logic from S&P. You see, the ratings agency has discovered that its own sovereign ratings are a good guide to its future sovereign ratings. So, for example, since 1989, they have never lowered a sovereign rating with a positive outlook.

It’s the kind of record you fight to keep. Read more

You’re in selective default (again), S&P tells Greece [updated]

No explanation had been given by S&P at pixel time. [Update: it's pasted below the jump.] But the situation is pretty clear: Greece’s “voluntary” buyback of the PSI bonds is being carried out in distressed conditions (ie it will otherwise lose eurozone financial support). Read more

The S&P downgrade ratio in Europe – 4:1

More euro gloom.

From S&P ‘s Global Fixed Income research team on Tuesday, “Europe’s Sovereign Crisis Continues To Erode Credit Quality.” Read more