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SLV and the mystery inventory build up

It’s come to our attention that the precious metals investing community has been rendered a little “worried” by a sudden and sizable accumulation of inventory in the iShares physical Trust, the SLV for short. (H/T Kid Dynamite)

According to ZeroHedge, 572 tonnes were added to the trust in just one day. And while that does not represent a record for the fund, it is “the biggest one day addition of physical silver to SLV in ordinary course operations”. Or so, at least, ZeroHedge says (though we haven’t double checked the numbers ourselves at this point). Read more

What are gold fund outflows really saying?

The FT reported last week that because investor inflows into gold exchange-traded funds have recently stagnated, many analysts have begun questioning if the decade-long rally for the gold market might be nearing exhaustion.

As the FT noted: Read more

What do silver lease rates have to do with fund redemptions?

These are the silver lending rates for 2011 from the London Bullion Market Association, as derived from Libor minus the silver forward rate (Sifo):

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Silver and short covering – a theory

John Kemp at Reuters has already written about how it wasn’t necessarily the froth in the market that caused the parabolic rise in silver over April:

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ETF investors mistimed the commodity correction (again)

Here’s an interesting observation regarding this month’s commodity sell-off.

It comes from short-selling data firm, Data Explorers, and it concerns commodities ETFs: Read more