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From SpaceX to SilkRoad2

Remember that $70k Tesla car which was bought for Bitcoin last December and which the Bitcoin PR-lobby spun with grand fanfare into an excellent example of “user adoption”?

Well, turns out, it was bought by one Blake Benthall, a former SpaceX software engineer turned custodian and alleged operator of the illicit goods cyber trafficking site Silk Road 2, which sprung up in the wake of the Feds’ take down of the original site and following the arrest of its founder and operator Ross Ulbricht a.k.a the original Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). Read more

Ludwig von Mises in the role of Walter White

So the Feds have finally busted Silk Road, the digital black-market platform which happily brokered everything from LSD and cannabis to heroin and computer-hacking services online, most frequently in exchange for the crypto-currency Bitcoin.

The value of which did take a beating, but perhaps not as much as might have been expected: Read more