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Industrial quantities of risk-weighting, HSBC edition

HSBC’s interim report 2013:

– Pages: 295
– Words: loads
– Risk-weighted assets: $1,105bn Read more

RWAs, straight outta Basel

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is back with another look at risk-weightings — that is, the risk weighting done by banks using their own models rather than the standardised BIS methods.

A new BIS/Basel paper focuses on the banking book, whereas a study published in January looked at the trading book. Read more

Ten times on the board: I will not put “Optimizing regulatory capital” in the subject line of an email

Don’t. Just don’t. No “I don’t think we should treat this as regulatory arbitrage” in an email. No cc’ing your personal Yahoo account. And certainly don’t put “Optimizing regulatory capital” in the subject line.

All in, below is a really good example of what not to put in an email, courtesy of Patrick Hagan, the chief quantitative analyst at JPMorgan’s Chief Investment Office from 2007. Read more

Reforming RWAs, some reading

As promised

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