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We need to talk about deflation, again [Update]

Since September 2011, the Fed has succeeded in managing inflation expectations but not inflation itself. Has anybody noticed? What happens when they do? Will QE4 be as successful at changing even inflation expectations when QE1, QE2, Operation Twist and QE3 have failed to prevent recorded inflation from now falling to 1.1%?

Russell Napier, strategist for CLSA, warns that benign inflation (s0 far as stock market investors are concerned) is very close to becoming dangerous deflation once more. (H/T to Climateer.) Read more

Bear hunting

This post by FT commentator James Mackintosh is cross-published from the FT Long Short blog that James writes with John Authers. It’s well worth bookmarking.

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Sohn Conference cheat sheet

Hedge fund managers piled into the Marriott on Grosvenor Square earlier this week for London’s first Sohn conference. The headlines were dominated by Carson Block’s announcement that his next target was Olam International, but we wanted to give you a quick run through what the others had to say. Read more

Albert Edwards and an afternoon tea-party with the Vestal Virgins

Breaking news.

Albert Edwards is bullish. Read more

Napier: Higher yields do not mean normalisation

If you’re unconvinced by the current market rallies but don’t quite know why, the following John Authers  interview with Russell Napier, bear market historian and author of ‘Anatomy of the Bear’ is definitely worth some of your time.

As Authers explains at the beginning of the clip, Napier’s book focuses primarily on identifying bear-market bottoms. Read more