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An Egyptian diaspora bond?

Remittances are a fascinating and oft neglected slither of global capital markets.

Flows are inherently difficult to measure but the World Bank estimates ‘developing’ countries received in excess of $300bn in 2009 and 2010 — around three times more than official aid flows. Read more

Remittances to Egypt

Another Tilt of the hat to our blogging brethren for the heads up about a primer on Egypt out Monday from Capital Economics.

We were struck by this chart showing the components of Egypt’s current account (im)balance. Click to expand: Read more

The Fed can’t go bankrupt. Anymore.

There’s been much debate about the possibility of the US central bank going broke.

Forget it. But not because of the Federal Reserve’s fiscal position, per se. Read more

US problems still flowing down Mexico’s way

The slide in Mexico’s remittances has, according to BNP Paribas, showed few signs of abating.

In fact, the analysts say it could be accelerating:
Mexico's remittances - BNP Paribas Read more