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Prepping for the plenum

Ladies and gentleman, we have what looks like a reform framework proposal…

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Faith in the “Anglo-Saxon” model, charted

This is from Morgan Stanley’s Joachim Fels and Elga Bartsch:

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Psst. Have you heard about the EU’s secret committee?

Well, it didn’t come from us (taps side of nose) but apparently the EU has a covert, conspiratorial — rather German — top-secret eurozone reform committee.

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Obama: ‘reforms will only hurt banks that bilk people’

Barack Obama on Thursday urged a Wall Street audience that included Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein to stop opposing financial reform, arguing it would only hurt banks “bilking people” out of money, the FT said. Obama also admonished the finance industry for sending “battalions” of lobbyists to Capitol Hill to fight the proposals.