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Chart of the day: US vs UK median real wage growth since 1988

That’s from an essay by David Blanchflower and Stephen Machin. Read more

The UK’s squeezed bottom, charted

The Resolution Foundation has published its annual look at UK standards of living, and what a brightly coloured chartfest of post-recession misery it is indeed.

It’s an attempt to provide an accurate picture of income distribution, addressing some flaws in the official statistics. But the central message is that not just the middle, but everyone outside the top 1o per cent has seen their share of economic gains squeezed. Read more

Stock market wags economy, or not?

This is is a guest post from Philip Pilkington, a writer and research assistant at Kingston University.

After a few days of volatility the S&P 500 rebounded on the back of better than expected jobs data last Friday. Meanwhile the Nikkei, the decline of which the previous week seems to have precipitated the shakiness in the S&P 500, started to stabilize on Monday. And so the classic question rears its head once more: do stock markets drive the economy or vice versa? Read more