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Noting the detail

Here’s the transaction doc from the Irish ministry of finance. Click through the pic for the full pdf:

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Late for the prom (notes)


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Now you see the promissory notes in the deficit, now you don’t

“We’ll avoid the accounting implications of this deal, though we think it might be an interesting study,” we said last week of Ireland’s circuitous non-deferral deferral of a €3.06bn cash payment to a dead bank under the infamous promissory notes.

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What lurks in Anglo Irish

What with being dead and all, Anglo Irish will probably not have a starring role in Ireland’s fifth attempt at recapitalising banks, due at 4.30pm (Dublin time) this Thursday.

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Luck of the Irish… promissory notes

Or, Anglo Irish indigestion in Ireland’s accounts.

Ireland’s government has just doubled the amount of fiscal cuts it expects to make in the next four years, from €7.5bn to €15bn — of which €6bn will be front-loaded into 2011. Nasty. Read more