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A message from Mr Yip Mow Lum…

He’s the chairman of just-and-so Hong Kong listed Magnum Entertainment and here’s the news:


IT consultant discovers eurozone, with disastrous consequences

For a company that does half its business in the euro area, one could reasonably expect Logica to be fully conversant with the ongoing sovereign debt crisis.

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It’s arrived — the first in what all probability will be a string of profit warnings from the maker of over-priced Japanese themed T-Shirts sweaters, pumps.

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What’s inside Pandora’s box?

Not all of the world’s evils but from an investor perspective something just as bad — a seriously huge profit warning.

A warning so large that’s it’s knocked almost 70 per cent from the share price of the eponymous charm bracelet maker. Read more

The new trend in corporate earnings


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Platform burns man

Shares in Nokia down 18 per cent at pixel time, after scrapping all guidance and warning on profits again. Read more

Off the Pace [updated]

Surely heads are going to roll at UK-based Pace.

The world’s biggest maker of television set-top boxes has followed March’s disingenuous results statement with a profits warning on Tuesday morning that has knocked a third from its share price: Read more

CSR’s unpopular deal

If CSR, the maker of Bluetooth chips, was looking for an excuse to revise or (possibly) ditch its unpopular £418m all-share acquisition of Zoran, it has just been handed one.

Zoran, the loss-making US imaging and video technology group has just filed disappointing first quarter numbers, warning forecasts for the second quarter will be lower than expected. Read more

UK software blow-up 2.0

Like a moth to a flame, the UK software sector seems to attract its fair share of flaky companies.

Over the past decade there have been several spectacular blow-ups, most notably iSoft, the company charged with creating a patient records system for the NHS, Torex Retail, where two executives were recently convicted of defrauding shareholders, Cedar Group, AIT, Adamind. The list goes on and on. Read more

Next up for Xchanging, a cash call?

How’s this for a feeble dead cat bounce?

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The times they are Xchanging [updated]

Where to begin with Wednesday’s car crash statement from business process outsourcer (whatever that means – Ed.) Xchanging?

The profit warning? The massive goodwill write down? The two ‘one-off’ hits to the P&L account? The departure of the CEO? The scrapped dividend? Or the market reaction? Read more

No respite for Autonomy

Shares in the software company were down again on Tuesday in London. In fact, they were the biggest faller in the FTSE 100 at pixel time:

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Special Friday afternoon delivery from Lloyds Banking Group (our emphasis).

And the market says …