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Shock and awe in the Eurozone

What was the ECB trying to achieve on Thursday by reactivating the SMP but purchasing only Irish and Portuguese government debt? (It appeared that the ECB was buying them again, at longer maturities, on Friday.)

There are plenty of theories. Read more

Trichet, you’re our only hope [updated]

BRUSSELS(Dow Jones)–Euro-zone governments have begun discussing a change to their permanent sovereign rescue fund that could raise the currency bloc’s total rescue loan capacity to nearly EUR1 trillion, a senior euro-zone official said. Read more

NEIN, Herr Schäuble

One really has to admire ECB president Trichet.

His ability to bat away difficult questions without saying anything remotely controversial is phenomenal. Read more

The ECB’s separation principle rules OK

The ECB announces its monetary policy decision on Thursday and is widely expected to keep rates unchanged at 1.25 per cent.

What’s much less clear is whether President Trichet will use the phrase “strong vigilance”. Read more

ECB hikes 25bps — and so it begins…

… the tightening cycle at the ECB that is.

The ECB’s code words

“Strong vigilance”.

“Heightened alertness”. Read more

A conspicuously absent ECB

What can one read into the fact that the European Central Bank suspended its purchases of (mostly peripheral) eurozone government bonds last week?

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