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Those ring-fencing proposals in full

Here are the two consultation papers on ring-fencing British retail banks from their investment banking counterparts. But in case you are wondering whether there’s a fresh joined-up-ness to financial regulation in the UK, see below a statement from the FCA… Read more

Statement from Capital Taliban

Not a relaxation of capital requirements by the Prudential Regulation Authority on Wednesday — it’s a relaxation of the amount of liquid assets which banks have to hold (falling by some £90bn, apparently) so long as they do meet strictures on capital.

From the release: Read more

Some UK bank shortfalls

Click to enlarge for the Prudential Regulation Authority’s table on UK bank capital shortfalls…

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What’s going on inside the FSA?

Well, this is worrying. When even Britain’s Financial Services Authority acknowledges its own personnel problems, it must be serious.

From a memorandum the FSA recently sent to the Treasury Select Committee, on the subject of breaking it up into two new regulators: Read more

From Bank of England to Bank of Everything

Financial Services Authority, the name of thy doom is, er, one of a selection of rubbish acronyms — as detailed in HM Treasury’s white paper on UK financial reform, released on Monday.

We’ve thus now got a bit more detail on the FSA’s successors — which include the PRA, the FPC, and the CPMA. But frankly, it all adds up in the end to the BOE. Read more