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Sorry, commodities are a poor diversification tool

An interesting paper has just landed on the BIS working paper site, in which the myth that commodities provide a solid diversification tool for investment portfolios has been beautifully debunked.

The grounds for this are mostly due to too much correlation, and volatility. Read more

The not-so-creeping process of de-euroisation

The de-euroisation continues and is, in Italy at least, getting faster… these charts show foreigners running away from Italian liabilities in March at their fastest pace ever, and illustrate just how quickly the LTRO sheen has faded.

Italy’s March balance of payments, out on Monday, showed its biggest ever decline in portfolio liabilities and while Italian repatriation flows show no consistent sign of slowing they are not keeping up with the foreign pull-out from Italian portfolio instruments. Read more

Power, guts, passion … yes, Portfolio magazine has arrived

It seems to be all that NYC and the US blogs can talk about. The launch of the latest offering from Conde Nast, Portfolio magazine, is apparently glossy, photo-heavy and choca with ads – an unmistakable stable-mate of the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

But we here at FT Alphaville don’t yet have a copy…and we feel left out.
No matter. Undeterred we’ve headed online to find this homage to glamour in the world of business. Read more