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Some striking facts about Japan’s demography

It’s misleading to compare macroeconomic aggregates across countries with very different population growth rates, which is why so many analysts get it wrong on Japan. While we were doing some of the data work for that previous post, however, we thought you might appreciate a visualization of how Japan’s population has aged and why it is poised to shrink a lot over the next few decades:

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Good news: Britain to become more over-crowded

A chart, courtesy of James Knightley at ING…

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Peak-population investing

There’s an interesting debate going on between Steve Randy Waldman, Karl Smith, Scott Sumner, Evan Soltas, Mark Sadkowski (and more).

It started when Waldman proposed a simple but elegant argument that the 1970s great inflation period may have driven not so much by expansionary monetary policy but rather population demographics: namely the baby boom and the entrance of female workers into the economy. Read more

From more Russians, with longer life expectancy

In this quad of graphs, can you spot the odd one out?

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Grantham comes nose to nose with a paradigm shift

GMO’s Jeremy Grantham reckons we are witnessing the most important economic event since the Industrial Revolution, reports FT Alphaville. “From now on, price pressure and shortages of resources will be a permanent feature of our lives. This will increasingly slow down the growth rate of the developed and developing world and put a severe burden on poor countries.” Read more