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Pessimism and priorities in advanced economies

We’ve been combing through an interesting new Pew report on attitudes towards a number of economy-related issues.

Among the dominant themes are that people in advanced economies are more likely to report increasing inequality in the past five years, while respondents in emerging and developing economies had more faith in their prospects for economic mobility than their developed-country counterparts. Read more

Of stereotypes and the slow end of the European affair

Some charts from Pew’s latest survey of 8,000 people across eight EU countries, most of whom are increasingly *insert euphemism* with Europe:

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American opinion of Wall Street

A chart from Pew’s big new Trends in American Values: 1987-2012 report (page 64):

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Vox populi, vox stulti — US-China datapoint

FT Alphaville is not sure which set of Americans to worry about, as per these survey results from the Pew Research Center:

Either the 47 per cent who think China (GDP per capita in PPP terms in 2010: $7,517) is a bigger economic power than the United States (GDP, etcetera, $47,131)… Read more