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The peer problem for peer-to-peer lenders [update]

A friend of FT Alphaville who works in the real world, far from finance, asked us what we think about putting money with peer-to-peer lenders.

We advised him to buy gold-bitcoins instead, but it made us want to take a look. It turns out we’re not alone. The chancellor is expected on Thursday to launch a consultation on blessing peer-to-peer lending with inclusion in the UK’s popular ISA scheme for tax free savings accounts.*

But where we think we might be alone, for now, is worrying about something that has afflicted lenders from time immemorial: run risk. Read more

A new type of growth is emerging

Earlier in May FT Alphaville attended Ouisharefest in Paris, a conference dedicated to exploring and discussing the growth of the collaborative economy.

The timing of the event coincided with the ECB cutting its benchmark refinancing rate to an all-time low of 0.50 per cent to counter economic weakness which had in the central bank’s opinion spread to the eurozone’s “core economies”. Read more

M-euro, a lesson in money supply from Kenya

If Europe = yesterday, the stuff that’s going on in Kenya right could very well = the future.

Here’s an extract from a speech by Njuguna Ndung’u, Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, talking about the exciting developments hitting Kenya’s financial sector. Especially when it comes to “mobile money” developments and how they are impacting growth. Read more

Space opera, beyond finance edition

FT Alphaville spent a lot of last week hanging out at Lift12, a Geneva-based technology conference exploring the social implications of new technologies.

We were particularly drawn to the Beyond Finance session last Thursday, which tried to take a peek at how technology might change the world of banking and money in the years to come. Read more