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Crowdfunding rules arrive: angry face, sad face

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has published its long awaited rules for crowdfunders and peer-to-peer lenders. You can read the full policy statement here, but lets cut straight to some frothy outrage from Barry James, founder of the Crowdfunding Center.

On a day like today one has to wonder whether our FCA is the worst regulator in the western world. The words that spring first to mind are inflexible, stubborn and unimaginative. Maybe it’s time for a change. Read more

Crowdsurfing the finnovation wave

FT Alphaville tasted the future of financial innovation this week, or at least the parts of it pitching for business at the Finnovate conference in London’s Billingsgate market.

It had the buzzy feel of a corporate hospitality tent at a music festival — ties off, iPads out, lets do business in close proximity to what the kids are up to. In this case though the stage was given over to seven minute presentations for aps, websites and, er, innovation platforms. Read more

A lending buddy needs capital, as well as trust [Update]

Meet Trustbuddy, the cutesy face of financial innovation, where peer-to-peer lending collides with payday loans.

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