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Turning mobile money into M0

In our previous post we explained why Jean-François Groff, CEO of Mobino, believes mobile payments systems could be a lot more honest and more money-like.

How does Groff’s company fit into it all? Well, his big idea really is to keep M0 (as economists like to call base money) exactly what it is, M0. Read more

Why central banks should take charge of their digital currencies

The mobile money/virtual currency arena is getting more and more crowded. And the question remains: will the concept ever gain the critical mass needed to become the next big thing in finance?

From Bitcoin to M-pesa, Square, Paypal, Dwolla and Ven (to name just a few) … the number of new concepts is piling up. Read more

More on M-pesa and e-money

We wrote about Kenya’s M-pesa mobile money model on Wednesday, which we think is a really innovative and encouraging development in the world of money supply.

The point we were trying to make at the time is that there are some interesting parallels between Safaricom’s role in the M-pesa e-money market and the role of central banks in conventional money markets. Read more

LinkedIn IPO ‘mispriced’, investor

A prominent Facebook investor and co-founder of PayPal, the online payment system, has accused Wall Street of undervaluing the recent IPO of networking site LinkedIn, contributing to the doubling of its shares on opening day, reports the FT. Peter Thiel, an early Facebook investor and PayPal co-founder, said banks did not understand the full potential of the latest internet companies and warned that the next wave of Silicon Valley stars would negotiate hard as they prepare to go public. LinkedIn was priced at $45 a share by Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan Chase, raising $352m. DealBook meanwhile notes that money manager BlackRock has weighed into the debate, accusing banks of overpricing IPOs to gain more fees.