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Argentina and Elliott – was it really a bond play?

Pablo Triana, Professor at the ESADE Business School and all round derivatives expert, thinks that the role of CDS deserves consideration in the fight between Argentina and a hedge fund. In this post he explores possible motives for litigation. Elliott Management declined to comment.

Hedge fund NML Capital, a subsidiary of Elliott Management Corporation, has won crucial legal victories in its long search for rightful compensation from the Republic of Argentina. Courts in the United States sided with NML in finding a “creative” way to finally gain some leverage over the South American nation, which had long refused to make good on defaulted debt owned by the fund (along with other so-called vulture investors).

Argentina was found to have discriminated de jure against NML et al, breaching the now famous “pari passu” clause that entitled those creditors to equal rank with similar creditors. As per the remedy ordered by the judge, Argentina can´t pay a dime to those who accepted new bonds in the 2005 and 2010 debt restructurings unless it also pays NML et al in a ratable fashion. Read more

Was that promise of ratable payment wrong? Should Italy not have done that?

File under: Argentina’s battle with its holdouts and the effects thereof on pari passu clauses in sovereign bond contracts elsewhere in the world — with a special crossover to the changing legal status of official lenders in the eurozone crisis.

Spot the difference edition. Read more

Choose your own adventure, sovereign debt trial of the century edition

A great resource from Shearman & Sterling, in their note marking the end of the briefing war in the Argentine vs holdouts pari passu saga.

It’s a schematic of the arguments which the Second Circuit will likely consider when deciding appeals against an order for Argentina to pay holdouts alongside restructured bondholders. Some of the arguments are key. Some are not so key. Read more

Argentina, and penultimate pari passu case games

As if we could keep away from the latest paper mountain in the pari passu saga.

Argentina and its restructured bondholders (and Bank of New York Mellon) filed briefs to the Second Circuit on Friday, returning fire at the most recent salvo from holdouts. Read more

Here’s holding out on you, kid

At times, pursuing a defaulted sovereign debtor for full payment can almost (almost) come across as a facetious exercise. As when NML’s latest brief in the Argentine pari passu case quotes CasablancaRead more

Present at the creation, pari passu edition

Holdouts’ opposition papers in the Argentine pari passu saga had just landed at pixel time on Friday. Here’s the one from NML itself, and here’s the one from other holdouts including Aurelius Capital.

We’ll try to do a proper take later on what the briefs say, but first, we thought we’d devote this post to some context on where the litigation is going as well. Read more

Tom, Dick and Harry in Rome

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, inside a pari passu clause.

Here are some terms from Italy’s 2015 US dollar bond, which it issued under New York law in 2010. It is a pari passu clause, even though you won’t find the words ‘pari passu’. Read more

All of this has happened before and will happen again, sovereign pari passu edition

On October 26, the Second Circuit chucked out Argentina’s appeal against having to pay bond holdouts, having had “little difficulty concluding” that the defaulted debt’s dusty, old — but contractually standard — pari passu clause demanded rateable payment. Read more

You, in the holdout suit! Stay as you are

And so ends a little saga-within-a-saga in the Argentine bond holdout case (but one which shed interesting light on the various sides’ litigating strategies). Read more

Booking bondholder flights to Buenos Aires?

It’s fair to say that many of those following Argentina’s grand bond holdout battle have been simply flattened by this week’s turn of events.

(Sometimes, literally so.) Read more

Argentina, padlocks and vultures

Complicated, ambiguous, a Heath Robinson machine of sovereign debt payment.

Those are all good ways to describe the likely legal strategies that are now open to Argentina, if it proposes to go on freezing out holdouts but continue paying out on restructured foreign-law debt. That’s after last Friday’s landmark US Court of Appeals decision. Read more

A pari passu upset?

Argentina’s selective recitation of context-specific quotations from arguably biased commentators and institutions notwithstanding, the preferred construction of pari passu clauses in the sovereign debt context is far from “general, uniform and unvarying”…

That’s the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Friday – in a sovereign debt ruling which might just set an interesting precedent or two. Read more