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Long nappies, short condoms

When your yuan-child policy is no more Japanese condom makers feel the pinch. Specifically, Okamoto condoms:

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Ending the one child policy won’t help China’s demographics

Lots of uninformed people got excited this morning when they read the Chinese government will remove the last vestiges of its “one-child policy”.

David already explained why a higher Chinese birth rate could be helpful — the number of young people has been shrinking for more than 15 years — as well as the limited significance of what actually happened given the massive exceptions and loopholes introduced over the past few decades. (The bigger reform was two years ago, when the government chose to allow people without siblings to have multiple kids of their own without paying a fine.)

We thought we’d add a little context by putting China’s fertility rate in perspective. If you didn’t know about China’s legacy of population suppression, including horrific forced abortions, sterilisation, and infanticide, you wouldn’t be able to guess by looking at the numbersRead more

Xi: go forth and multiply

Just now:


About time too. China’s one child policy has been basically unnecessary (taking the CCP’s logic as your base) for quite a while. The NBS has, for example, said it expects China’s working age population to decrease “steadily and gradually over or at least before 2030”. And that graphed looks like this: Read more

China, where family planning can mean candles, 30 official stamps and 50 approval letters

From Credit Suisse, do breathe in the romance:

The impact of the easing of the one child policy on birth rates may be overstated based on the experience of easing restrictions on parents who are both single children in their families (as shown in Exhibit 3). Guangzhou, a southern China city, had more than 14,000 couples, who were both single children in their families, hence eligible to have the second child, but only 360 couples had the second child in 2009.

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