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Bernanke, King, Blanchard et al LIVE

It’s streaming from the LSE and is ostensibly about what economists and policymakers should take from the financial crisis. However, if we were cynical folk we’d suggest this makes a nice opportunity for Bernanke and King to get together, have some wine and go all Norman-Strong. Our eye’s on the ground tell us such luminaries as Carney and Yellen are also in attendance.

Anyway, enjoy, we know all the LSE alums here who made us post this will… Read more

Further further reading

For the commute home, or while rocking out to Paradise City, or while shielding yourself from the November Rain, or while chasing your Rocket Queen, or while exercising Patience; and because you Don’t Cry, you Live and Let Die,

– Welcome to the jungle: Ex-G’N’R bassist starts wealth management firm. Read more

The US export problem

IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard has been engaging in some green-shoot whacking of late, not least with his views on what is really needed to propel a US recovery.

In one word: exportsRead more