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Food for thought on digital news consumption

With the freedom to publicise at a low cost at will, what place is there for the subset of writers and editors doing this for a living? Andrew Betts, director at FT Labs, opined in a recent TEDx talk that if media organisations are to weather the changing habits of consumers of news and analysis, technological innovations must occur. Read more

50 shades of public interest

This is one for the list of things you intuitively know, but have never bothered to fully formulate: the “issue-attention cycle” as laid out by Anthony Downs in a 1972 issue of The Public Interest. It describes how a society travels from blissful ignorance to intense interest about a topic, only to smack into cruel reality and then transition to boredom or indifference. Read more

Dances with defaults, adventures in news

Here’s a timely discussion paper from the Federal Reserve.

In it, the authors attempt to build a quantitative model to take into account sovereign default risk, economic fundamentals and — most interestingly — news on future fundamentals. Think of an EU minister saying Spain and Portugal face a loss of productivity, and the ensuing jump in Spanish and Portuguese bond yields. Clearly there’s a link, and now academics are trying to quantify it. Read more


Joshua Brown over at The Reformed Broker has a wry post on all the news items that the media (including the blogosphere) remains obsessed with, but which the markets no longer seem to give a fig about.

Brown’s topics range from “unemployment” to “nefarious investment bankers,” by way of “The Twilight Trilogy.” Read more