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Sino-Forest: more questions, fewer trees?

Now, about them trees.

Canada’s paper of record, the Globe and Mail, on Saturday published the results of a two-week investigation into Sino-Forest’s assets. Read more

Sino-Forest versus Muddy Waters and the maxed out shorts

As if Sino-Forest didn’t have enough problems, it seems like the Markets Live effect is alive and well.

 Read more

High-growth, high-stakes at Sino-Forest

It’s Tuesday — Sino-Forest results day.

The Chinese forestry firm already stands accused of being a “stratospheric” fraud by research and short-selling outfit Muddy Waters. Today Sino-Forest is set to offer a deeper look at its finances with Q1 results. Read more

Sino-Forest: a further defence

From those loyal analysts at RBC Dominion Securities on Friday, a note entitled:

RBC puts forward three main reasons why Muddy Waters is wrong and Sino-Forest warrants an “out-perform” rating. We’ll let you decide whether “mounting” is justified in the note’s title (or instead whether “in” should be removed.) Read more

Sino-Forest hit by Muddy Waters’ ‘perfect’ ‘pile of crap’

“We are going to provide you with some information on why Muddy Waters research is a pile of crap” — Richard Kelertas, Dundee Capital Markets. [Source: Financial Post]

A bold (and so far unheeded) call from Dundee Capital, given Muddy Waters’ “perfect” track record, depicted by Thomson Reuters in a chart released on Thursday. Read more

Muddy Waters attacked after Sino Forest fall

Muddy Waters has come in for further criticism of its claims of fraud against the Canada-lised Chinese forestry company Sino-Forest, says Bloomberg. Shares in Sino-Forest have fallen 80 per cent since the research outfit released its report into alleged inaccuracies in the company’s stated plantation holdings. Muddy Waters pre-marketed the report to hedge funds and short-sellers weeks ahead of its public release, said an analyst at Dundee Securities who had a buy rating on Sino-Forest up to June 3. Sino-Forest itself continues to prepare its defence against the claims. FT Alphaville sorts out the pros and the cons of the case so far, while FT Tilt finds further analyst support.

Snap news

Breaking pre-market news on Wednesday,

– Cairn Energy expects ruling on Arctic protesters — reportRead more

Sino-Forest: the case for the defence

In the previous post we tried to identify Muddy Waters’ (MW) main allegations concerning Sino-Forest Corporation’s (TRE) assets in Yunnan province, China.

This post looks at TRE’s response and makes some new information publicly available. Read more

Sino-Forest: the case for the prosecution

At pixel time Sino-Forest Corporation’s (TRE) was trading at C$4.72, below even Friday’s lows, on the back of continued scrutiny and Moody’s’ announcement it was putting TRE’s bonds on review for a downgrade.

The timber company, which research house and short seller Muddy Waters (MW) alleges is a “fraud”, released a statement on Monday rebutting claims it has misled investors about its finances. Read more

China listings dogged by scandal

A series of scandals at Chinese companies listed in New York, Hong Kong and Toronto has unsettled investors and raised questions about all Chinese companies seeking to raise capital abroad, reports the FT. In recent months, short-sellers have attacked an unprecedented number of foreign-listed Chinese companies listed, accusing them of fraud or other actions. This has driven down their share prices and inflicted losses on some top investors. Sino Forest, a Chinese forestry group listed in Toronto, lost more than two-thirds of its market value from Thursday after Muddy Waters, a research firm founded by short-seller Carson Block, accused it of overstating sales and asset values. Sino Forest’s denial on Friday failed to stop the slide, which inflicted paper losses of nearly $500m on Sino Forest’s top shareholder, the $37bn Paulson & Co hedge fund.