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When algorithms fight, natgas edition

It’s not an earthquake. It’s last night’s mini-crash in natgas futures, via Zero Hedge:

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Flash, a-ha, he’ll strike everyone of (our security markets)

Hat tip to a beady eyed reader for drawing attention to the latest mini flash attack — this time in the front-month Ice Dollar Index future (December expiry) just ahead of the Friday market close:

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A jumpin’ Jack flash in aluminium

First there was the flash crash.

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Market on edge after Apple drops like a stone

News of a big fall in the price of Apple shares at the open (on supposedly no news except, err, this) got the Twittersphere raging about the prospect of a mini flash crash in the making Tuesday:

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The apparent rise of the mini flash crash

Another mysterious ‘mini flash crash’ in global equity markets.

This time it occurred in the shares of Progress Energy. Read more