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Get specific on muni bonds, say Roubini analysts

Municipal bonds, doctor doom will see you now.

The WSJ reports Wednesday that Roubini Global Economics analysts David Nowakowski and Prajakta Bhide estimate there will be about $100bn of muni bond “defaults” over the next five years. Read more

Meredith Whitney and the muni fifth dimension

Bloomberg has tracked down Meredith Whitney, bought her scrambled eggs, and demanded an explanation.

In an article out on Tuesday, Whitney is asked about her prediction that “You could see 50 sizable defaults, 50 to 100 sizable defaults” amounting to “hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of defaults” in the municipal bond market: Read more

This year’s Halloween favourites

This Saturday is Halloween. If you’re in finance and fancy making an ironic statement — or just want to deflect from being part of ye most hated of trade guilds — then perhaps you might consider some of the following outfits we at FT Alphaville have cherry-picked as favourites for this year’s festivities.

Remember, last year’s Paulson and Bernanke masks are now very passéRead more

Mystery Meredith Whitney Goldman downgrade – update

Okay – if you want to know what Meredith said about Goldman Sachs on Tuesday, you no longer have to try to mind-meld with the bankslayer.

Here’s why she downgraded the mighty Goldman: Read more


Trouble is, we don’t know why.

9786.jpg Read more

Me, myself and Meredith Whitney

Only last week superstar analyst Meredith Whitney – bankslayer, the anti-pandit, etc. – announced she would be leaving her present employer, Oppenheimer, and setting out on her own.

Welcome, then, Meredith Whitney Advisory GroupRead more