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REVEALED: dumb financial journalism, dumb corporate management, dumb financial regulation

We are going to lay the blame for this — right up front — on the idiotic Financial Markets and Services Act. (Or at least the utterly dumb implementation of such by Lord Sants and colleagues.) The “markets abuse regime” has led us to…where do we start?

Okay, with this chump: Read more

PBR preview, bankers’ bonus edition

We all know the chancellor is going to announce a bankers’ bonus tax in Wednesday’s pre-Budget report. What we don’t know are the details; Things like the level at which the tax will kick in and whether it will be levied on bonus pools or individual bonuses.

PestoWire reckons the threshold could be as low as £10,000, which would bring an awful lot of bankers into the net: Read more

Is the BA-Iberia merger imminent? – update

Shares in British Airways were up 10 per cent on Thursday afternoon amid expectations that the troubled carrier’s long-planned merger with Spain’s Iberia is finally about to happen.

But earlier in the London day there had been a lot of  conflicting newsflow. Read more