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Mobile money and the UK aid conundrum

Putting a financial value on aid is tricky. Case in point, Monday’s FT editorial on the UK’s overseas development budget:

The expansion in the budget of the Department for International Development has not been without its critics. Some have questioned what intrinsic merit there is in spending 0.7 per cent of Britain’s output on overseas aid. The target is one that the development lobby has long been attached to… At the same time, there have been worries that Dfid’s £12bn budget is not spent effectively. Read more

Turning mobile money into M0

In our previous post we explained why Jean-François Groff, CEO of Mobino, believes mobile payments systems could be a lot more honest and more money-like.

How does Groff’s company fit into it all? Well, his big idea really is to keep M0 (as economists like to call base money) exactly what it is, M0. Read more

Why central banks should take charge of their digital currencies

The mobile money/virtual currency arena is getting more and more crowded. And the question remains: will the concept ever gain the critical mass needed to become the next big thing in finance?

From Bitcoin to M-pesa, Square, Paypal, Dwolla and Ven (to name just a few) … the number of new concepts is piling up. Read more