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Your comprehensive guide to the all new ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ London property market

Three months down the line, enough time has passed to properly assess the impact of Brexit on the London property market. Read more

Clickbait du jour: Brexit, banking and housing market exposures charted

From Bernstein’s Chirantan Barua and team:

They “wouldn’t be surprised”, btw, to see house prices down 20-30 per cent if Brexit were to happen as sterling falls, volatility increases and people realise it’s a market ripe for a drop. Read more

This is nuts. When’s the crash?

Congratulations London, your housing market is indeed the most nuts.

UBS wealth management have you right at the top:

 Read more

London Prime Rub

It’s a good job the London housing market is indestructible, otherwise the collapse of the Russian currency might be cause for concern in Belgravia. After all, Russians were buying one in every five “super-prime” properties this year.

That stat comes via Knight Frank, who consider £10m-plus pied-à-terres to be super prime. In the six months to October, 21 per cent of the high end sales closed by the estate agent went to Russians.

Infographic of the golden postcodes after the jump. Read more

Tokyo on Thames

Older readers may remember the property boom which engulfed Tokyo from about 1986 to 1991. The apocryphal statistic was that land under the Imperial Palace was worth about as much as the state of California.

The bursting of that bubble — as well as one in the stock market fuelled by loose monetary policy, financial speculation, corporate cross-holding and dodgy accounting — was followed by the Japanese economic stagnation that persists to this day.

What many readers may not realise, however, is that housing in parts of London is now more expensive than for Tokyo at the peak of that boom. Read more

This is nuts. When’s the crash?

Back in September we calculated that the average London house had earned more in the previous year than its average occupants.

The difference then was small, a capital gain of £38,729 in the year to July, against a post-tax income of £38,688 in 2011, the last year for which the ONS has statistics.

Fast forward the best part of a year and your London house has had a raise, is flicking through the Audi catalog and considering exotic holidays. Read more

Let’s nationalise the Green Belt

Or London’s Green Belt, at any rate. For the uninitiated it is the giant girdle of farmland that forces the UK metropolis to maintain the figure it had in its twenties — the 1920s.

So here’s a suggestion that isn’t actually that radical: nationalise bits of it and build on them. Read more