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Through London’s posh-door/poor-door keyhole

Selling flashy apartments in London is good business. As the FT’s Lex column reported last week, Berkeley Group, one of the most well known premium house builders, achieved a pre-tax return on equity of 29 per cent in its latest year-end results. Read more

Stratospheric property (seriously)

Late last year we speculated that if anything was going to disrupt the London property bull market it was going to be a grand exodus, motivated by the economically viable population realising that they could nowadays live and work quite happily outside of city perimeters. You know, the internet and all that.

Silly us.

Knight Frank’s latest wealth report, to be released on Wednesday, has decided that the greatest disruption to established property wealth centres may come from extra-terrestrial advances instead. Read more

Prime global real-estate prices are stalling

Just as the world was about to launch an inquisition into the prime property witch phenomenon — roughly: if the property fails to rent, the super-prime investor is obviously a witch and must pay additional tax, but if the property rents they’re not a witch, but they still have to pay additional tax — the Knight of Frank comes bearing some interesting global prime statistics.

From the developer’s Prime Global Cities cauldron on Tuesday: Read more