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Concerned Californians call on Attorney General to look at Herbalife [update]

Fancy that. We were only just discussing the powers available to the Californian authorities to look at Herbalife the other day. And then we woke up to this press release:

New coalition seeks AG Kamala Harris and Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee’s assistance to investigate Herbalife’s pyramid scheme targeting the Latino community. Read more

California approves this message, Herbalife edition

California has nurtured Herbalife for more than three decades. From Los Angeles, the multi-level nutritional-milkshake marketing and distribution scheme has spread to 75 countries worldwide.

Yet the state was not always friendly. In 1986 it won a permanent injunction against the company that is still in force, and we wonder if — following a more recent California court ruling — it might look at that injunction once again. Read more