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Goldman Gratuity Rankles Hoyt Scolding Newspersons: Compliance

Editors Seen Quaking After Ex-NYT Ombudsman Assail

Blankfein To Stiletto Hugging Headlines Client-Data Collateral Damage: Read more

Food for thought on digital news consumption

With the freedom to publicise at a low cost at will, what place is there for the subset of writers and editors doing this for a living? Andrew Betts, director at FT Labs, opined in a recent TEDx talk that if media organisations are to weather the changing habits of consumers of news and analysis, technological innovations must occur. Read more

Noah Smith is a moron and he’ll get cancer soon, etc

Actually, Noah Smith, author of the Noahpinion blog, is not a moron. And we certainly do not hope that he’ll get ill.

But you see we have to get in character here, because this post is about ZerohedgeRead more

‘Don’t lose respect for the trees…’

From, via the WSJ, an extract from a ranking of 200 jobs, from best to worst:

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How to profit from long-tail journalism

Google may be stepping into the business of content production and journalism.

As the FT scooped on ThursdayRead more

The van Praag exchanges, an exercise in Goldman imagery

Catch up with the Goldman saga at FT Alphaville, where coverage includes an e-mail exchange kicked off by Goldman PR guru, Lucas van Praag. It’s sourced from the 900-page compendium of evidence corralled as part of the US senate investigation into the role of investment banks in the financial crisis. Read more

727 Cassandras of financial journalism

The Columbia Journalism Review has published a whopping 727-story-strong list of “the best articles” foreshadowing the financial crisis.

The list covers stories written between 2000 and 2007 and published by organisations including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and yes, the FT. Read more