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Podcast: Jim Chanos on the art of short-selling

Alphachatterbox is available on Acast, iTunes, and Stitcher. Read more

A Chanos chart (and chat)

It’s from the second installment of The New House of Money, which is being published chapter-by-chapter by Drobny Capital’s Steve Drobny. Read more

Sohn Conference cheat sheet

Hedge fund managers piled into the Marriott on Grosvenor Square earlier this week for London’s first Sohn conference. The headlines were dominated by Carson Block’s announcement that his next target was Olam International, but we wanted to give you a quick run through what the others had to say. Read more

China as a post-capital economy

By now everyone should be familiar with the argument against China.

We’re talking gaping spare capacity, a real-estate bubble, an import slowdown, short-term dollar shortage, horrible manufacturing stats, commodities over-exposure and well, just see this interview with Jim Chanos for more on how nobody in China earns their cost of capital. Read more

China bears and creative shorting

Japan is not only paying for the consequences of China’s cheap-renminbi policy with its persistently high yen and pressures on its exporters.

It is also providing a neat back-channel for renowned China bears, Jim Chanos and Hugh Hendry, to short China in their own, highly distinctive ways. Read more

Economists against Fed

More QE2 dissent — this time from the back of the classroom.

An open letter to Ben Bernanke via the Wall Street Journal: Read more

A Greek on Greece

Is Jim Chanos going soft?

He’s certainly soft on Papandreou’s plight, trying to sort out the Greek debt crisis, as this interview with Vince Veneziani at Clusterstock reveals… Read more

China: ‘It’s simply because people are rich now’

How does this headline, from Thursday’s FT . . .
China lending and property prices surge

. . . square with this one, also from the FT, less than three weeks earlier:
China tells banks to halt lending Read more

Chanos: ‘We’re not calling’ for a China crash

“We’re not calling for an impending crash of China”, investor Jim Chanos told CNBC on Monday. Well thank God for that.

As CreditWritedown’s Edward Harrison notesRead more

Chanos on China

This CNBC video featuring Jim Chanos of Kynkos Associates is well worth viewing.

Example, on China: Read more

“Short sellers are not the villains in this drama”

Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates is one smooth short-selling operator, and as the Site that Supports our Shorts, we say this approvingly.

Screenshot of Jim Chanos during an FT video interview with Gillian TettIn an interview with Gillian Tett, he argues that politicians – and not short-sellers – ought to take the blame for the ongoing financial drama. Read more