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A little perspective

It has come to FT Alphaville’s attention that the NYMag is admirably trying to completely prepare the latest crop of would-be bankers for their summer sojourn as interns.

For those in NYC, there is advice on where to live. For those who haven’t clocked that working at a bank involves dressing up in a suit and not having a ridiculous haircut, there’s advice on what to wear and appearance. Finally, there’s advice on what to do, and what most definitely not to do, inside and outside the work environment. Read more

Some thoughts on unpaid internships and finance

FT Alphaville occasionally volunteers at a non-profit which, amongst other things, helps first-generation college students from migrant families apply for internships and jobs. They, like their peers, often want to intern at banks. Some of the best moments for staff are when students get an internship on Wall St.

These positions are often well paid and involve a multi-stage interview process. That’s where the non-profit comes in: offering CV and cover letter advice, mock interviews, and mentoring. Getting one of these gigs is a tough yet largely meritocratic process. Read more