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Feeling the WIP and recognising the law at Quindell

On Friday we explained how Quindell sees the market for industrial deafness claims as a big source of growth. What that also highlights is how the group is now in very large part a listed law firm.

That characterisation matters not just because it is different to the way Quindell described itself in its trading statement on Monday, as “a leading provider of software, consultancy and technology enabled outsourcing”. It matters due to the way revenues and profits are accounted for at law firms.

The key aspect to understand here is something called “work in progress”. As a law firm works for a client on a case for which it expects at some point to get paid, when does it recognise those fees? Read more

Deaf ears at Quindell

There is a bull case for Quindell, the country club which founder Rob Terry has turned into a full service legal and technological insurance conglomerate: the deaf.

Claims for industrial deafness, it was explained at a recent investor teach-in, are the next big growth area for legal services. Perhaps it is, although some might be surprised to discover that a company billed as “a provider of sector leading expertise in Software, Consulting and Technology Enabled Outsourcing” expects to make big profits from personal injury suits. Read more